With time against the customer, they needed to urgently clear two shipping containers of general waste and approximately 300 archive boxes of confidential papers and old invoicing.

Managing the clearance of the storage units

  • We cleared a van load of general waste. A mix of old signs, office furniture and general bulky items so they could access the archive boxes.
  • The customer was able to save money as we separated scrap metal from the general waste on site.
  • Invoicing over 5 years old was able to be shredded on-site with the use of a large lorry fitted with an onboard shredder. Shredding on-site enables a quick turnaround as paper is loaded into a wheelie bin, which is then tipped into the shredder by the collection operative. The customer was also reassured the documents were shredded securely as it was performed in-front of him.
  • Paper was recycled 100%, metal was recycled 100%, general waste was sent to an waste to energy transfer station.
  • Over 3 tonnes of general waste and metal was taken and just over 5 tonnes of paper was shredded on-site.
  • Waste transfer notes Certificate of destruction was provided for compliance

Feedback from the customer

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