Clinical & Hygiene Waste

  • Ad-hoc collections for startups or small businesses

  • Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly scheduled collections for sanitary bins, nappy bins, clinical waste or sharps disposal

  • We collect from aesthetic clinics, tattoo studios, nursery and care homes, general care, and dental practises

  • Roupcycle Director was previously a Registered Nurse (also trained in aesthetics) so understands the clinical care giving environment

Clinical Waste

Ad-hoc Clinical Waste Collection

  • Sharps and offensive waste (tiger bags) only.
  • Great for start-ups or small clinics and studios.
  • Select the quantity of sharps boxes/bags. Choose a preferred date (this may be changed to fit in around our schedule).
  • Call out fee includes the consignment note fee.
  • Waste in the wrong category of bag/box will not be collected.

Scheduled Offensive Waste 240 Ltr. Wheelie Bin Collection

  • Offensive (tiger stripped bag) only.
  • Popular with beauty & aesthetic clinics, tattoo studios.
  • Weekly, fortnightly or Monthly

Scheduled Bag, Wheelie Bin Sharps Collection

  • Offensive Waste (tiger stripped bag) & Infectious Waste (orange bags) .
  • Infectious waste requires a pre acceptance site audit.
  • Minimum of 2 collections a year every 6 months for bags or sharps only.
  • 240 Ltr. & 770Ltr Bins available.

Hygiene Waste

Scheduled Sanitary Bin

  • Pedal bin provided.
  • Internal bag changed and units are cleaned on service.
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Discounts for additional units.
  • Other washroom services provided.

Scheduled 240 Ltr Nappy Waste Bin

  • Offensive waste only (tiger bags).
  • Ideal for smaller volumes of nappy waste in a nursery, restaurant, or retail setting.

Scheduled 770 Ltr Nappy Waste Bin

  • Offensive waste only (tiger bags).
  • Ideal for a nursery or care giving setting.
  • Larger 4 wheeled bin.

Your Questions Answered

Yellow and black stripped bag (tiger bag) must be used for offensive waste.

Orange bags must be used for infectious waste.

Black bags are for general waste only.

We do not accept the yellow bio-hazard bags and will not take these bags. You will be required to re-bag the waste into the appropriate bag before we can remove them. We sell rolls of bags (and sharps boxes) which we can post or deliver with a collection.

A consignment note, or hazardous waste consignment note is a legally required document that details the waste, details of the producer, the collector and the disposer.  Consignment notes must be kept for two years. A hazardous waste note is required for hazardous waste such as infectious waste.

Yes, you can.  We understand that when starting up, running part-time clinic, or not offering clinical treatments, quantities may vary.

We charge a call out fee, price per bag or sharps container plus consignment/ hazardous waste note fee.  These collections will be when we local to your area.

As an industry standard, you must have a collection every 6 months. We will not issue a contract prior to any arranged collections and may ask for a yearly consignment note fee to be paid upfront.

Safe and secure clinical waste management services

We believe there is more to clinical waste than competing with prices against multi-national providers and brokers. Before the string of events that led our Director into the world of waste management, he previously worked as an Accident & Emergency nurse, as well as in other health care settings.

Having been in those shoes, we appreciate it can be difficult to arrange clinical waste collections for patients with home care packages and treatments that require one-off or short-term collections. Our service is about being able to respond to the needs of patients and health care providers.

Whether you are a home chiropodist studio, independent high-street tattoo studio, a large hotel or a group of dentists, Roupcycle will deliver with our core values – to be reliable, accessible, affordable and professional.

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