Confidential Shredding & Waste Disposal

  • Safe and confidential one-off or scheduled collections for residential and commercial customers

  • Compliant of information destruction BSEN 15713 – 2009

  • Tracked vehicles and DBS checked collectors

  • You will receive a Certificate of Destruction

  • Paper is 100% recycled

  • Compliant with GDPR standards

  • Practice sustainable shredding

We ensure the safe and secure disposal of sensitive documents and materials.

Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands. Shredding your business documents is crucial for protecting your sensitive information and maintaining privacy law compliance.

Drop In

  • Drop in on Tuesdays 10am – 2pm.
  • We weigh the paper and shred in front of you.
  • 60p (inc vat) per kg.
  • Bring it in any bags or boxes.

Ad-hoc Collection per bag/archive box

  • Charged by a call out and select how many shredding bags or archive boxes.
  • Purchase packs of 5 bags within the order as additional items.
  • Collections are safe and secure, shredded under CCTV.

Lockable 240ltr Wheelie Bin

  • Great for regular larger volumes of paper.
  • Lockable bins, small opening.
  • Must be kept on ground floor or lift access.
  • Similar in size to a home 2 wheeled council waste bin.

Lockable Console

Shredding console RGB
  • Great for the office regular collection.
  • Lockable. Drop paper through the small opening into an exchangeable bag.
  • Consoles measure 900mm x 500mmx 500mm.

Ad-hoc Collection by Weight

  • Just pay for the call out and the weight once it is brought back to be shredded.
  • 50p+ vat per kg.
  • Ideal when there are various sizes of bags, boxes and loose papers.
  • We can provide wheelie bins in required (please enquire).

On-Site Shredding

  • Secure vehicle with internal shredder attends your site.
  • Charged by call out and price per kg (min. 180kg).
  • Wheelie bins can be provided.

Why Shred Your Business Documents?

  • Prevent Identity Theft: Customer invoices, records of work jobs with specific data and bank statements are prime targets for identity thieves. Our confidential shredding services ensure these items are destroyed securely, protecting you from identity theft and financial fraud. 
  • Stop Data Breaches: Our confidential waste shredding service prevents unauthorised access to your business’s confidential information, reducing the risk of data breaches to enhance your company’s security posture. 
  • Adhere to Compliance laws: Our confidential paper shredding services strictly adhere to UK compliance laws, including the Data Protection Act and GDPR, ensuring the secure handling and destruction of sensitive information.

Off-Site Confidential Paper Shredding

Off-site confidential shredding allows for flexibility for one-off or regular collections where quantities differ at each collection. Our operators are CRB-checked and monitored throughout the collection process. Off-site confidential shredding popular service especially with companies moving premises or having a large clear-out of old records.

On-Site Confidential Paper Shredding

The safest way to dispose of sensitive documents is with on-site confidential shredding specialists. For this reason, we provide industry-leading on-site confidential waste disposal for security, and reliability. Our service ensures immediate and transparent disposal, offering our clients the ultimate assurance in confidential waste shredding.

Regular Lockable Consoles

Lockable consoles are placed in the office so that paper documents, handwritten notes, or mail are put through the slot and fall into a sack that is removed and replaced by our operatives. 

Consoles are emptied on a regular schedule, the most popular being weekly or fortnightly.

Our Document Shredding and Recycling Process

We adhere to the highest standards of confidential document shredding and waste disposal. Your private documents are not just shredded; they’re no longer readable.

Secure Collection: We collect your documents and place them in secure containers. 

Transportation: Collected documents are transported to our shredding facility in secure, GPS-tracked vehicles. 

Controlled Shredding: Documents are shredded securely onsite, and monitored by surveillance cameras.

Recycling: Post-shredding, the small pieces are baled and sent to UK paper mills, often to become paper products. Paper is 100% recycled and is great for environmental sustainability.

Certification: We then issue a Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to Prepare for Pick-up?

Before disposal, we recommend you securely store confidential documents in locked containers or secure rooms with limited access, ensuring your information remains confidential until our confidential waste collection team safely removes it for shredding.

What is confidential shredding?

Confidential shredding is the process of securely destroying documents with sensitive information, protecting against unauthorised access, by compliance with privacy laws. It is essential for maintaining privacy and security in personal and business contexts.

What types of material can you shred?

Our shredding services are not limited to paper shredding. We also offer confidential waste disposal, securely destroying a wide range of materials, including hard drives or end-of-line prototype products, ensuring your confidential waste is disposed of and recycled correctly.

Where’s the safest place to shred documents?

Certified shredding specialists within on-site secure environments. These services guarantee a monitored, law-compliant, and secure destruction process

What type of documents should I shed confidentially?

You should confidentially shred financial records, client/customer information, and proprietary company data. Secure shredding of these documents is critical to prevent identity theft and information breaches.

How long should business documents be kept before shredding?

Document retention periods are dictated by legal and operational mandates, with durations varying by document type. 

  • Accounting and Tax Documents: Private companies, 3 years; public companies, 6 years.
  • Immigration Checks: Retain for 2 years post-employment.
  • Expense Accounts and Wage/Salary Records: Keep for 6 years; minimum wage records for 3 years after the pay period.
  • Leave and Working Time Records: Store for 2 years from creation.
  • Parental Leave Records: Maintain for 3 years after the tax year ends.
  • National Insurance and HMRC Correspondence: 3 years post-tax year.
  • Accident Reports: 3 years from the incident date, longer if under 21.

Does my business need confidential shredding bins?

Yes, confidential shredding bins are essential for securely collecting documents before destruction. If a business prints confidential documents or receives letters, it safeguards sensitive information until it can be properly destroyed.

What are confidential waste bags?

Confidential waste bags are secure containers for disposing of sensitive documents. They are sealed and transported directly to a shredding facility, ensuring the confidentiality and compliance of the disposal process.

How do I schedule a shredding service?

Contact one of our reputable shredding professionals to accommodate your various needs, from one-time to regular services, facilitating secure document destruction.

Can you provide a record of when and how documents were shredded?

Yes, we provide detailed records documenting the secure destruction of your documents, where the documents have been collected, and the weight of the documents, the quantity of bags/archive boxes. Offering transparency and compliance assurance.

You will be sent a Certificate of Destruction.

Do you offer options for regular scheduled shredding services?

Yes, we offer regularly scheduled shredding services, ensuring continuous and reliable management of your document destruction needs. This helps maintain ongoing compliance and information security. Regular collections are often in securely closed bags or lockable consoles.

What day and time do you offer the ‘Drop off shredding’ and can I watch it?

We are open on a Tuesday 10am – 2pm.  You do not need to make an appointment, but please just call on the day to make sure we are open just in case of an eventuality.  We do try to put this on our Roupcycle Facebook Business page if there is an issue.

There is parking in front of the warehouse so we can assist with carrying bags and boxes of paper. Your bags or boxes will be weighed and shredded in front of you. The shredder is near the shutter of our premises, so you can watch safely (please do not enter the premises).

We are a paperless office, so why do we need a confidential shredding service?

We hear this all the time and then ask; do you have a letterbox and receive post? Do you have a printer? Do you write on post it notes or in a note pad?

If yes to any of these questions, then are you staying GDPR compliant with your customers information which could include their name, contact details and confidential data.  This information can not be disposed of in the general waste or recycling bin.

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